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    Show ALL records for a vehicle if ANY of them meet filter criteria (not just the ones that met the filter)

    Chad Kovac

      Below I have the data filtered to show outliers.  The formula for "Outlier Filter" is:


      and MPGVar is a calculated field:

      WINDOW_VAR( [MPGCalced],-52,0)


      Looking at the variance of the previous 52 MPG records. If it's more than .5 MPG I want it on the report.


      Below the filter is set to TRUE.

      filtered to show outliers.png

      It looks OK on the surface but when I turn OFF the filter, for those same records you see a lot more data:

      filtered for true OR false.png


      What I'm wanting is to see ALL of the records for a particular vehicle if that vehicle had more than .5 MPG variance at any time.  What I'm seeing is only the records where the MPG variance is .5.


      Obviously I could add this to the data source before I extract it but I'm trying to avoid that.  I'd rather know how to properly do it inside Tableau.


      The only way I can figure out how to do this now is to filter the data, find the outliers, write down the vehicle numbers and then create a worksheet for each vehicle showing the complete history.