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    Default Table calculation

    Sk Safi

      Hi Team,


      Default table calculation automatically sets to Table accross.

      Can it be set to Table Down




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          Alex Kerin

          You can change the default through the edit calculation dialog, but only to set the advanced compute, not down or across:





          But you can set it each time by right clicking of course

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            Sk Safi

            Hi Alex,


            I want to do dynamic table calculation.


            Ex :

            Using calculated field (show and hide option for row(quarter and month )):--->

            When  quarterly data will be shown then that will show QOQ data

            and when monthly  data will be shown then that will show MOM data.


            Using Drill down in Row :---->

            When only  Quarter is there  in row then that will show QOQ

            and when month will be drilled down then that will show MOM.



            So,I think for this dynamic table calculation,advanced table calculation using any particular field(Quarter/Month)  will not work.

            For this reason I am asking the use of table calculation along 'Table down'.

            Please inform me if there has any  way to use table calculation along table down or any another way to solve the issue.