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    How do I modify DATETRUNC calcs to use financial year instead of calendar year?

    Craig Dewar

      I am a fan of using  'reporting period' and 'no of trending periods' parameters in preference to relative date filter or a fixed range filter.  It works across mutiple data sources, allows users much more flexability, and is good for published workbooks that have more and more data added over time - without need for filter adjustment and republish.


      I have a solution that works quite well when periods are months or quarters, but i have just now tried to use my solution on a year period - where the year is a financial(fiscal) year starting july-1.


      Attached is an implementation of this solution on superstore sales, and all works as expected if year is calendar year:


      fiscal year 1.png

      However the solution fails when changing order date to be fiscal year commencing on Jul-1.  This is because the DATETRUNC function I am using is hard wired to 1-Jan of the year.


      fiscal year 2.png


      I have had a go a trying to shift my logic by 6 months without any success.


      Have attached a twbx


      Hope someone can help.