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    Dynamic Hierarchies using SSAS Datasource

    Andrew Murphy

      I am trying to find a workaround to the fact that Tableau (v7) does not allow custom hierarchies to be built on SSAS dimensions.

      This is stopping us from having an interactive dimension that will allow a user to select from a number of hierarchies presented via a drop down. 


      I understand that all hierarchies must be created in SSAS but what I cannot understand is how I can make this interactive based on a user drop down in the dashboard. 


      Has anyone figured out a neat way to do this?


      What I was thinking is that if I could create a hierarchy in SSAS that essentially creates a union of the required members with one attribute "type" to represent the user definable (dropdown), then


      Lvl1     Lvl2     Lvl3     Type

      ALL    ANZ     AU      Region    

      ALL    ANZ    NZ      Region

      ALL    Fruit    Kiwi    Category

      ALL   Veg   Toms   Category


      If this is not possible, would there be any way of having pairs of parameters that would allow users to select a level in a hierarchy and the member required for each.  One selecting, the hierarchy would be built based on the parameters supplied.


      Essentially we need a flexible solution that will give the user the ability to define which hierarchy is presented on the dashboard.


      Many thanks if you can assist.