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    exclude based on multiple fields

    Becky Logan

      I have an exclusion filter based on two fields in one of my worksheets and I don't remember how I accomplished this. Perhaps the method I used has changed from version 7 to 8.


      The name of the filter in the filter card is (in italics): "Exclusions (Course Level,Instructor Category)".


      The name at the top of the popup window that opens when I right click on this label and select Filter is "filter [Exclusions (Course Level,Instructor Category)]". This popup window has two tabs: General and Condition. On the General tab, I get a list where I can select multiple values. Each value is a combination of a value from the Course Level field and a value from the Instructor Category field.


      Using this function, I can exclude an Instructor Category from one of the Course Levels and not from all of them.


      I need to recreate this filter for a new worksheet. Can anyone tell me how to access this function?