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    I want to display all records where X happened on any record - Filtering question

    Chad Kovac

      I have 10k records for daily performance data on 100 "units".


      If a unit ever has performance above or below a threshold then I want to see all 10k records for that unit.


      If I apply a filter for that threshold, what happens now is that Tableau shows me all of the records that match the filter but not all of the 10k records for the unit that it happened to.


      Does that make sense?



      A related issue is the threshold.  I want to apply a filter and see the records that fall OUTSIDE the range.  I don't see how to work that out in the filters in Tableau.  I can filter a range, the start, end, etc., but not "outside" the range?  It appears the filters are all "AND" filters? Is there a way to create X "OR" Y filters?