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    Showing the last paid amount/ dates

    Neil Sequeira

      I'm trying to filter down a list of contracts to show

      • the last period for which the contract has been paid
      • the first unpaid period


      The dataset is relatively straightforward

      ContractStartDateEndDateAmountPaid or Unpaid


      What I've done so far:

      • Dragged "Paid or Unpaid" dimension on the columns
      • Created calculated fields (max[EndDate]) & max(StartDate), and shown these as row dimensions
      • Turned off "Aggregate measures" (keeping this turned on sums up all the amounts, which is incorrect)
      • Amount shown as Text


      What I'm struggling with:

      • Show the last row for the paid column (I) & the first row for the unpaid column (P)


      Any ideas to proceed are greatly appreciated.

      I've attached a packaged workbook with sample data