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    How can I create a visual representation of a two-column spreadsheet with source and destinations?

    Eddie Goble



      I am trying to convert a table that looks similar to this:

      A --> B

      A  --> C

      B --> F

      C   --> D

      D   --> E

      E   --> H

      E   --> G


      into a graphical map representation (left to right) like this:


                 B   -->  F

      A  -->                                       H

                 C  -->   D   -->   E   -->



      ...But for about 700 rows.  The first in the sequence is the source "region" and the second is the destination.  The naming is unimportant here.  It would be about displaying the possible paths.


      Does anyone have any idea how to do this or if it is even possible?  Thank you in advance!