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    Errors when configuring a distributed environment

    H Gerile

      Hi all,

      I am trying to configure a distributed test environment with a Primary Tableau Server and 2 Worker Servers using the
      data from our production server.
      I built a domain controller on one server where the Primary Tableau Server (7.0.15) is installed, and added the two other worker servers(7.0.15) to the domain.

      Now I am testing using Local Authentication without restoring our current data . The Run as user is an AD user account of the domain . I verified the setting for Run as user based on Tableau online documents :


      I tried to add one Worker Server (Background processes 4) to the Primary Server using the following settings:

      ProcessesPrimary Tableau ServerWorker Server1
      Repository on this hostYes
      Extract Storage on this hostYes
      Application Server20
      VizQL     20
      Data Server20

      And I got following error messages:

      • When< tabadmin start> : See Error4.jpg
      • When tried to log in to the Tableau server: See Error5.jpg The
      • Configuration status: See Error3.jpg

      Does anyone know how to resolve these problems?

      Could you kindly give suggestions about  how to resolve these problems.

      Thank you very much and best regards,


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          Russell Christopher

          You can ignore Error 4 - Older versions of Tableau Server "complain" when they're put on Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8, since those OSes didn't exist when Tableau Server was created...but it'll work fine and is supported.

          Error5 is the interesting bit - for whatever reason, we're having a problem connecting to our own metadata repository (PostgreSQL)


          Screenshot Error4 shows that NO machines are hosting the repository (There is no "Yes"" in the "Repository"  column). You shouldn't even be able to get a set of machines into this state...can you check the config dialog again and make sure that at least ONE machine is running the Repository? Which one?


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            H Gerile

            Hi, Russell,


            Thank you very much for your prompt reply.


            Please refer to the attached Error files.


            Regarding the screenshot Error3, I configured the default setting for primary server (Repository on this host (Yes), Extract Storage on this host (Yes), Application Server (2) VizQL (2), Data Server (2), Background(1)) and added the one Worker with Background(4).The configuration was completed and saved. After startingTableau server, when I tried to login Tableau and Error5 occurred. When I checked the configuration again the status was Error3 wherein the Extract Storage and Repository were lost.  I tried to add the Repository and Extract Storage to Primary server but it didn't work. I got Error 1 and I tried to add the second worker with the Repository and Extract Storage but, upon doing so I encountered Error2.


            Before adding the worker server, the Primary server was working, I can login the tableau server and the status of configuration were correct.


            I tried 3 options, without restoring our current data, restoring data without configuration, restoring data with configuration. The results were same, the single primary server was works but when adding the Workers the errors occurred.


            Could you please provide us the solutions for these isuues?

            Thank you very much and we are looking forward to hearing from you.


            H Gerile

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              Russell Christopher

              You may want to go ahead and open a support case since the forums aren't really a place to troubleshoot issues of this type. That's what I'd recommend anyway.


              The thing that is odd is that the repository doesn't "live" on the workers at all - so unless the worker is unable to communicate to the repository all should be well. If you remove the worker altogether, does the single primary start working again?

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                H Gerile

                Hi, Russell,


                Thank you very much for your reply.


                When I tried to remove the worker, it wasn’t able to configure and save, I got the Error6.


                In that case, I only can restore the data again or reinstall everything to back to single primary tableau server status.