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    How to STOP Tableau Server from reloading views in browser pages?

    Clare Bayley

      If I open a view in a tab and then go view another tab/window for a while, when I go back to my original view after 5 minutes or so it will immediately begin re-loading the view. (not the whole page, but the view/dashboard inside the Tableau interface)


      I understand that it could be useful to check for new data, but I use a series of Tableau dashboards for a weekly presentation and it is incredibly frustrating to open them all beforehand only to have to wait for load time when I re-visit the tabs during my presentation.


      I just want them to load the first time they open, and then not refresh unless I hit the force refresh or reset buttons.


      I DO have my Server configuration set to "Refresh Less Often," But I think that's for data connections and not in-browser views.


      Any ideas? Thanks.

      - Clare