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    How do you automatically change the dimension level used from a hierarchy?


      I have a chart showing Sales by Region and the following dimension hierarchy in place:

      Level 1: Region A, Region B, Region C ; Level 2: Region D, Region E, Region F ; Level 3: Region G, Region H, Region I

      The measure (Sales) will be manually filtered using other dimensions, such as category and time.

      Main Question: How can I automatically switch the dimension (Region) level on a chart without manual input from the user (parameter)?


      For example: If Sales exist in more than one Level 1 region, use Level 1 as the dimension, else if sales exist in more than one Level 2 region, use Level 2 as the dimension, else use Level 3 as the dimension.


      I have tried the following calculated field to no avail:

      If Window_Sum(Countd([Level 1])) > 1 Then Attr([Level 1])  Else If Window_Sum(Countd([Level 2])) > 1 Then Attr([Level 2]) Else Attr([Level 3]) End End