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    How can I get CNTD() to "play nice" with table calculations, calculated fields, and parameters?

    Joe Cole

      Robin Kennedy showed me how to use a combination of table calculations, calculated fields, and parameters to create a Tableau Viz that can change perspective without using joins and giant extracts (http://community.tableau.com/message/215212).  Now, I need to display a "Total Jobs" figure on my dashboard, but I can't get a CNTD() measure to play nice with the table calculations and calculated fields.


      Can anyone help me tackle this issue?  I've attached the sample Viz.  I need my users to be able to choose from a list of available locations.  When they choose a value, the "Distance From My Location" automatically updates.  Also, the user can filter jobs based on how far they are from their selected location.  This all works great!  The last thing I need is to display the total jobs that meet the combination of Location and Max Distance that they've selected.  However, when I try to accomplish this using CNTD(JobID), the value goes blank whenever "Max Distance" is set to anything other than "Any Distance".


      Thanks in advance for the help!  I'm still very much learning how to pull the right levers in Tableau... and this one has me stumped.