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    Javascript error on UI - Access is denied for clientweb.js

    Prakash Turkar


      I have recently upgraded to Tableau server 7.0.15 and published couple of reports(twd files) on Tableau server. I am embedding these reports in Java Web application and accessing through Internet Explorer 8.

      Tableau Server and Java Application Server are hosted on two diffrent machine. I have used iframe in jsp page to render report from Tableau Server.

      The reports are rendering after closing this below JavaScript error prompt on Iternet Expolrer 8 but its working on IE 9


      Webpage error details

      Message: Access is denied.

      Line: 16
      Char: 500792
      Code: 0
      URI: http://TableauServerMachine:7777/vizql/v_70001304161510/javascripts/tableau/clientweb.js


      JavaScript Snippet (clientweb.js):

      At line 16 column 500792




      The above javascript error is not shown in other browsers like Mozila,Chrome, IE9

      It appears only in Internate Explorer 8 and below


      Any help in this regard is appreciated.