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    Tableau Server 8.01 - Initial Filter Request Will Never Render.  Going back out, and in again, 'fixes' the problem

    Brian Scott

      Hi everyone -


      Since the upgrade to Tableau Server 8 I've got some workbooks that just won't support filtering on the initial request by the user.  You load the book, toggle the filter, and are treated to an unending spinning icon.  It will spin for upwards of 15 minutes (most I've let it spin). 


      If you hit the back button, then go back to the viz, you'll see the filtered results immediately.  Subsequent requests to filter the view are handled with the speed that you would expect.  If you go to the admin zone and look at server usage, it insists that all view renderings are being done in a reasonable timeframe; it is as if on the first attempt the browser doesn't get the message to refresh the page.  (?)   I'm attaching a video demonstrating this. 


      I'm looking pretty dumb for emailing the whole world telling them about this fancy upgrade of server, then having to tell half of them to back out of their dashboards, then go back in to get it to work.  Who knows what is happening here?


      Thanks in advance.