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    Tableau 8.0.2 install - Can't create/modify schedules, no extracts refreshing

    Olivier Régimbald-Brière

      Hi Tableau Community,


      Last Saturday we updated our Tableau Server infrastructure from 7.0.7 to 8.0.2. We delayed the procedure for months since the process of migrating takes 10 hours total (5 hours of manual backup, 5h of uninstall). Now, our instance is fully running version 8.0.2 but we start to notice things, all the workbook stopped refreshing. We have 8 backgrounders running the extract, in version 7.0.7 they used to run almost all the time. Now they are all green and load nothing !


      We took a closer look at the schedules, the column "Run Next At" is all set to Now but nothing is running. We can't modify or create new schedules, we end up with a "Tableau encountered an internal error". We contacted Tableau Support about this and I'm currently waiting for an answer but I wanted to know if anyone in the Tableau community faced this kind of problems.


      So, have you ?


      Thanks a lot !