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    sets affecting actions and causing errors




      i have Tableau 7 and connect to a cube.  The dates that I use are presented as string 'mmmyy'.  Because this creates too long a list for the user in filters, I have created a set where I give them the option to select from a 3 month range.  After I created the sets, my URL actions (that send MMMYY, Product and Code to a web browser report) and my HOVER actions (that filter on the same worksheet to detail reports) , started getting errors saying that mmmyy was missing on the worksheets.  It wasn't, and the URL actions still worked correctly, so I can only assume that the sets have caused some issue whereby Tableau thinks it can't recognise the data item if it is in a set even though it actually is recognising and filtering correctly? 


      Even though my actions are working correctly (albeit with 'Missing Value' warnings), I am now getting random errors popping up saying that there was an error communicating to the data source.  if I click OK, the error goes away and I can continue using the workbook and but the error keeps coming back.  I'm afraid I can't upload my workbook as it's a cube and has sensitive data so I hope the screenshots might be enough for someone to suggest what the problem might be?  The actions were working with no issue when the MMMYY fields were not in sets.


      Thanks in advance


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ruth, sad to say, but ...

          Hi,   i have Tableau 7 and connect to a cube. 

          Is a far too honest a description of your situation. Few folks on these forums deal with 'cubes' and when you mention V7, most folks are going to pass on you Q, because they long ago deleted it from their computers. The only guy I know of that might take an interest in your Q is Russell Christopher.


          Hope he can help you.



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            I had to laugh when I saw your reply, Shawn.  I don't blame them!!   I'm having so many problems with the combination of cubes and v7.   Thanks for your honest feedback and for taking them time to explain.  I'll give Russell a try.


            Thanks again


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              Shawn Wallwork

              Glad you found my comment humorous. That seems to be the response I've been going for of late. You probably got Russell's Out-Of-Office response, but I assure you he's seen your post -- and will either respond (or hide) from the challenge.



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                Russell Christopher

                Heya Ruth -


                Don't think I can comment too much on this except to say "sounds like a bug". To really did into it, we'd need a backup of your cube.


                Out of curiosity, have you tried the same thing on v8?

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                  Hi Russell,


                  Sorry for the delay in replying. I didn't realise i could download v8 alongside v7 so was just sorting that out.  Unfortunately, because our data contains senstivie customer information I cannot forward it to anyone. I know that limits your ability to comment further. But just to answer your question ....


                  The connection error turned out to be an issue with the workaround I was using.  Because placing dimensions in sets meant that they could not be selected in the actions, I was placing the dimension directly on the charts, as well as the set, and then hiding one of them.  Once I removed that, i am now just left with the 'missing field' errors.  I have tested it on v8 and have the same problem.  If the dimension is in a set, and I select the dimension from the drop down menu under Target Filters, I get 'Missing Value' errors.