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    Count above and below a variable value

    Chris Moseley

      I am having a challenge with what seems like should be a relatively simple task.  I have a number of locations in my data set.   I want to create a dashboard that allows an individual to select "My Location" and then explore the world from their perspective.


      An example of this approach is to get a count of the number of locations with higher sales than "my location" and the number with lower sales. (I'm actually interested in the % with higher and % with lower but the first step is getting a count).


      I have attached an example with fake data to illustrate the problem in it's simplest form.   In it there are twenty locations, each with a sales figure and each tagged, by color, as to whether it has higher or lower sales than "My Location" (which is controlled via parameter).


      I can see the number of locations in each category but want to get a count and/or % with higher and lower sales.  Is there a way to do this?  I'm hoping there is a simple Table Calc of which I am unaware?




      - Chris