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    Is it possible to set processing defaults of a report to null so that the page opens quicker without pre-processing anything?

    Elena Barmina

      Hi all,


      At our company, we've integrated Tableau dashboards into our web-based application. One of the dashboards has a Gantt chart with the following average of mark per a display: 3600 marks, 1600 rows.

      The view that is loaded to the page has a number of filters with the defaults set. So when it loads, the report gets calculated for the defaults first. Then a user can change the filters in order to calculate the report the way he or she needs it.

      The calculation of the default settings takes time and users have to wait a while to set the default view they, probably, do not need as they will be interested in their own combination of the filters.


      So the question is, can I set the defaults to nothing? So that when the page is loaded no specific value is pre-set and the report page is empty? Then the user can set the filters to what they want and have the report process?



      Thank you!