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    Publish to Tableau Server Error

    Craig Braithwaite

      I'm trying to publish a number of work books to server.


      When I do this the preview screen is telling me that the workbook has been successfully published to the server. Unfortunately, when I preview the dashboards in Tableau desktop though most of the dashboard previews aren't loading and after I wait a few minutes I get the message "Session Ended by Serverx An unexpected error occurred on the server".


      When I log into server and try and access the 3rd dashboard it also will not load.


      Confusingly there are some dashboards which will load however most wont.


      I've tried this in Explorer and Chrome. The fact that the preview won't even load though says to me it's a Tableau or server issue rather than a browser issue.


      Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of the data I'm unable to share the workbook.


      I have seen this other post entitled "Tableau Server: publication problem" (http://community.tableau.com/thread/119039) however I don't think rebooting the server is an option since the Server is utilized for a number of other purposes.


      I'm using Tableau Desktop and Server versions 8.0.1 and the Server set up is robust. The visualizations included in my dashboard are reasonably extensive however they only take 9 or 10 seconds at the most to load in Tableau desktop so this shouldn't be an issue for Server should it?


      Any further assistance would be much appreciated,




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          Toby Erkson

          I'm guessing that what was meant by "rebooting the Tableau server" is that the Tableau server application was rebooted, not the actual server that it resides on.  Try the 'Restart server' action.


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            Craig Braithwaite

            Thanks Toby,


            I arranged for the server to be rebooted. Unfortunately I'm still having the same issue.


            I have a number of dashboards within one particular workbook which load very quickly in Tableau desktop but do not load in Server. I basically get that spinning wheel non stop.


            All of my other workbooks are loading fine in Server and performance is fairly good.


            If anyone is able to provide any insights or solutions in would be much appreciated,