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    Need help on applying filters from another datasource in the same worksheet.




      I'm trying to create a graph with multiple marks. One of the marks is a Measure Value with a Measure from another data source. The measure on the other data source has the same calculation as the measure value on the main data source. However, they both have different summarization value. I was wondering how can the filter from the main data source apply to the 2nd data source? I know I can use parameters, but doesn't seem to work if the field from another data source is in the same worksheet.


      I've attached a sample workbook. In the sample workbook, I have 2 data sources. I created a calculated field called "Profit/Sale" for both data sources; both of them have the same formula. However, I want the one from the Year Level to be summarized yearly. This is because I want to compare Profit/Sales at month level to Profit/Sales at year level. However, when I created a line graph and drag in the Profit/Sales field from Year Level data source, it ignores all the filters such as Ship Mode, Category, etc. My question is, how can I carry the filter from the main data source over to the field in the second data source when they are in the same worksheet. (Parameters doesn't seem to work)


      Any help or advice is appreciated!