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    Text cells became blank / pie charts turned black

    Ey Tan

      Hello all,


      On some occasions the visualisations did not load for us on Tableau 8 desktop and reader:


      1) Text table layout: Upon adding in another measure value, the table loads up blank. It worked ok after saving , closing and reopening it.


      2) Cell containing pie chart turned black upon triggering of action filter on dashboard. It worked ok after the action gets re-triggered.


      Was wondering if anyone had any clue why this is happening and how could we prevent it? Minor inconveniences but it doesnt look good if these happen while presenting the viz...



      Thanks a lot.

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          We have the same issue very often.  Typically on a dashboard containing a few charts.  When a quick filters is toggled, a chart or 2 turns into a big black box.  If we refresh (F5) it usually fixes it.... but would rather not have to train the end user to do this.

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            David Warwick

            I have just started seeing this on 8.1 Reader. Using a quick filter to toggle on/off between two charts in one container and the revealed chart is black. F5 didn't seem to work in this case, but switching to another dashboard and back was a workaround.


            Don't know if it is relevant, but it was happening on other users 32 bit versions of the Reader but not on my 64 bit version.


            Quite an annoying feature in an otherwise fabulous product.


            Anyone from Tableau seen or acknowledge this issue?

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              Matt Lutton

              Try turning off accelerated graphics in Desktop.  In 8.1, this is under "Help">>"Settings and Performance"--then, uncheck "Enable Accelerated Graphics".  There are differences in 8.1 in terms of how Tableau handles this, and it is causing some users to see Black Boxes where charts used to be.


              More info on accelerated graphics here: http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/accelerated-graphics-requirements


              If turning this setting off resolves your issue, please log a support case with Tableau--they are aware of the problem and they'll want to know your video card info, etc. so they can attempt to resolve the issue in a future release.

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                David Warwick



                Thanks for the suggestion, but the problems my users are seeing, are when using Reader 8.1 to view a packaged workbook. The Reader does not seem to have "Enable Accelerated Graphics" option under "Help" menu.


                I built the packaged workbook in  8.1 Desktop (Personal Edition). Would the settings in my environment when packaging the workbook, cause a problem when other users are viewing the said workbook through the Reader 8.1?

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                  Matt Lutton

                  I do not know the answer to that, but I know this has been an issue for many Desktop users since upgrading to 8.1, so its worth trying.  Also, I'm not convinced everyone who has commented in this thread is having the same issue, and I believe Matt's issue at least is related to Accelerated Graphics, but its hard to say for sure.


                  Hope it helps someone.