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    Quick Filter Sort Order

    philip ken

      How to display Decending or Ascending order value in Quick Filter? Just say I have Date quick filter and default sorting order is ascending.





      Now I want these values in DESC sorting order in Quick filter.




      how to do this?

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          Neil Sequeira



          Drag the dates to the filter shelf

          On the Filters shelf, click your way to Filter, & select "Use All"

          It then allows you a sort option


          Hope that helps


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            Shawn Wallwork

            Say what?!


            This will only work is you first convert your Date field from a date type to a string type. And then you set the order by changing the default sort order in the Date field in the Dimension window, not the pill on the filter shelf.


            Long way to go to get a reverse sort order. Any more importantly you lose the 'date-iness' of the of the dimensions and all the drill-down stuff.



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              Harshita Dubey

              Hi Philip,


              There are many similar post which can help you. Please refer below links.






              PS: You can also search your queries before posting it to save your time for waiting response.


              Best Regards


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                philip ken

                Some reason, Tableau is not sorting DESC for date field.

                Another thing Tableau is not supporting DESC for any custom date sorting too (MY(DATE).

                This type of date format(January 2011, February 20122......), tableau sorting ascending order.

                Anyway thank you all.

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                  Krishna Aadiseshon

                  I had the similar problem and I am using Tableau 9 desktop. This is how i achieved descending order for my date field quick filter. Right click on the date field and transform the field to a new custom date field and then set the default sort property to descending. Now include this new field as a quick filter (this new field is essentially the same field)

                  Please check my attached screenshots.


                  I am transforming my "WeekEnding" date field to a custom date field, which is called WeekEnding (Month / Day / Year)  then set the default sort property of WeekEnding (Month / Day / Year)  to Descending. (Right click on the field -->  Default properties --> Sort --> Descending)




                  Included WeekEnding (Month / Day / Year)  as quick filter, renamed the title of the quick filter to "Week Ending"