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    Unable to hide colour legend when exporting PDF from Server 8


      I just learned from Tableau Support that "Removing the legends from a workbook PDF export is not supported at this time".

      Tableau Server v7 did not have a problem with this. Somehow it either didn't get picked up during Beta testing, or was overlooked/ignored.


      So after upgrading to v8, any current v7 view that was painstakingly set up to be exported as multi-page PDF without redundant colour legend will be screwed.


      NOT HAPPY!







      After I expressed my 'subtle discomfort' about this to Tableau Support, they came back with a revised response - apparently this has been a known issue, a "regression" from Tableau 7, which incidentally has just been fixed in v 8.0.2, now available for download. I just tested it and can confirm that it has been resolved.


      BTW, meanwhile I changed the view to a black & white version to work around this issue, and I kind-of like it that way.