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    Hive - string to date conversion and then rollup

    Richa sharma



      I am working on Tableau 8.0 trial version and connecting to Hive 0.10 version via ODBC connector (Live Connection)


      I have a string field in Hive that contains date value.


      Table content


      ID        CREATE_TIME

      ABC    '2012-01-01-'




      Is there a way I could convert this string field to a date and then add yearly, quarterly, monthly rollup(s) on this field ?


      I am able to create a calculated field - converting string to date and specifying the format


      When I drag it into the Columns section - Tableau adds a year function to it but shows it in red with error message "The aggregation used for year of calculation1 is not supported by the data source"


      Can't tableau perform this operation on the