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    Urbanmapping.com - some good news?

    Allan Walker

      As reported here:


      Tableau Software Customers Able to Access Maps up to 10x Faster - MarketWatch


      Some key quotes:


      "By pushing maps closer to customers, we speed the delivery of content," stated Ian White, president and founder of Urban Mapping. "Proximity is everything. This means lower latency and higher sustained data transfer rates, which are needed to deliver large objects to end users at scale." Ian White


      "As a global software company committed to pushing the envelope with visualization technologies, mapping is a must have," commented James Eiloart, vice president of Europe, Middle East and Asia at Tableau. "With the CDN, Urban Mapping is not only helping deliver value-added capabilities to our customers, they have also taken the extra step to develop an innovative delivery platform to provide those capabilities as fast as possible."


      Source: (C) 2013 Marketwire L.P. All rights reserved respected.


      I read the second quote to be that mapping is a value added capability - not core capability.  Maybe that's taking a quote out of context, but I applaud the mindset, and the re-focus on mapping as a chart type.


      Anyway, well done urbanmapping - any enhancement in capability is welcome...