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    Anyone else encounter a fatal error with filter actions (see enclosed)?

    Matthew Campbell

      Hi everyone,


      I have a workbook built in v 7 that uses a scatter plot to visualize some information I'm working with.  I'm planning on having a filter action added to it that will filter a separate dashboard with the table's data (Run action on: Select; Clearing the selection will: Show all values).


      I'm encountering a fatal error when I click on one of the data points in the plot though that causes Tableau to crash.  I have a number of of filters in the workbook that I've tried to remove in my troubleshooting but the error persists.  There are also calculated fields in the data table (but not the scatter plot!) which I tried to remove as well.


      Just wondering if anyone has encountered this before/knows how to resolve this issue?


      Since I'm using sensitive information, unfortunately I cannot attach the workbook here.


      Thanks in advance!