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    Scaling of embedded web page

    Józef Sroczyński

      Hello Everyone.


      I've created a tableau workbook (using tableau ver. 7.0) where one of dashboards contains web page. In tableau desktop everything is ok, scaling tableau window affects size of page showed on the dashboard. But, when I published workbook on tableau server, I've noticed that the workbook sets initially the size of embedded webpage (based on initial web browser's window size), and after that is not reacting to resizing the web browser's window at all. When I'am reducing browser's window too much, embedded webpage "hides" behind borders, without adding scrollbars or anything. I've checked and this issue is in all my workbooks with web pages embedded on dashboards.


      I checked few things and it seems that tableau server is not scaling an IFRAME html tag when browser's window resizes. It's interesting, because every other part of tableau server UI scales smoothly, just that IFRAME with embedded web page stays still.


      Does anyone know if it's a bug or a feature, or am I doing something wrong?