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    Dynamically adding Dimensions(show/hide) to the report

    Rudra Pratap

      Hi Everybody,


          I have a requirement where I have to dynamically show/hide the dimensions based on some kind of check box.

          For Ex. I want to show customer name,Customer Segment,Order Priority,Container etc but not all at a time.By default Customer Name is selected with all the other measures.I have done this with the use of parameter 'Level 1 Dimension'.

      Now,I have one more parameter which will populate another column based on the selection.Here it is 'Level 2 Dimension'.But I want to hide this column when none is selected in the parameter.


         I checked for this on the forum and found that this thing is possible for measures.Moreover we can dynamically change the column type as well  (with reference to the article Changing Views Using Parameters | Tableau Software.)


      But I am not able to hide the column when "none" is selected.It is showing blank.

      Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,