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    How to combine two charts (bars and lines) from different data sources

    Juan González-Blanch

      Hi, I'm trying to get a chart for workload vs. capacity analysis for an industrial activity. The point is that I'm able to get a chart for the workload in bars, divided in work packages, and a different chart with the different types of capacity in lines. My problems appear whenever I try to bring them both together into a single chart from two different data sources. I don’t really understand why the color difference for the bars and lines is not working.


      On the Tableau package attached you may find an example I just created to show with few data what I’m trying to get. What I would like to get is a combination of worksheets “Workload” and “Capacity” on a single chart. “Workload-Capacity” and “Workload-Capacity2” are two tries but on the first one I don’t get different capacity lines depending on the color, and on the second one I’m not getting the bars to be divided in colors depending on work packages.

      I’ve just started using Tableau and this is why I’m not very familiar to all the new concepts, this is why I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a hand.