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    Attempting to categorize measure, but getting asterix instead of values


      I have two sets of data joined by date.  My primary source is target data, which is a single row per date and a target amount for that day.  On the graph, I'm showing a running total, it's linear because I divided a monthly target by the days in the month to get the daily target.  My second data set is revenue by date, in addition to revenue amount and date, this data set also has a RevenueType column (Actual, Expected).  Again I'm showing revenue as a running total and it looks great.


      The part I'm stuck on is I want to categorize the revenue by type.  I added the RevenyeType dimension to the color shelf and the card shows up, but instead of seeing "Actual" and "Expected", I just see one value "*".  See screen shot.


      Any thought on what may have gone wrong here?