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    How to filter by date

    Hock Gan

      I have a list of students with grades for tests that they sat over the past four years as shown in the attached workbook. How do I create a filter to show only students with grades for the current year (2013) i.e students B, D, H and I?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hock, I think the attached does what you're looking for. The easy way to get there is to right-click-drag the date field to the filter shelf, which will popup this diag box:

          Yr Filter-1.png

          Click Years and then Next and you'll get this diag box:

          Yr Filter-2.png

          Select 2013 and you'll get the filter you're looking for.




          PS: That rt-click-drag was something I picked up from Joe Mako way back when.

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            Hock Gan

            Thanks Shawn.


            Your solution leads to the following result.

            Filtered students2013.jpg

            I wondered if there is a quick way to show the grades of the filtered students across all the years as shown below:



            Filtered students all years-.jpg

            One way is to create a group or set of the above four students but this is quite a tedious process when there are a large number of students.