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    Swapping Measures and also getting Annual, Weekly, and Daily data for each Measure

    fahim m



      I have a U.S. maritime trade database with only annual data (since its just annual data, I didn't bother to convert it into a date format) and have four measures

      • Vessel Value
      • Vessel Weight (Mtons)
      • Containerized Vessel Value@
      • Containerized Vessel Weight


      Swapping Measures: I created a parameter "Select Measure" and appropriately created a calculated field again called "Select Measure (Annual)" to swap measures. I also created a calculated filed for dynamic Label called "Labels (to show millions and thousand units).


      I can swap the measures at the annual level and have the labels change dynamically..



      I also need to show data using Select Measure (weekly) and Select Measure (Daily) - to show the data at weekly and daily level.

      Is it possible to have another parameter which helps  the user select Annual, Weekly, and Daily Data and change the label dynamically.


      What I mean is one parameter to swap measures and one parameter to swap time period.


      You had previously helped me with swapping measures and dynamic labellings - i appreciate that.


      I very much appreciate any help in this regard..


      workbook attached