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    Accessing Tableau server reports from Mac OS

    lokesh s

      I published reports to server http://corptableau from windows virtual machine. When I send the URL link of report in email, users from windows can click and directly access the reports. But the same does not work in Mac safari? sometimes it works in chrome if directly connected to office LAN network or Wifi? something settings needs to be changed?

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          Benjamin Fox

          I am having a similar issue. We have a Dev environment that we used while trying out Tableau. That environment is visible by all. However we set up a new machine with our live environment and for some reason it is not accessible by mac users. We use active directory for authentication. It must be a setting somewhere, either not passing through the credentials, or something within Tableau server.


          Has anyone else had any trouble with mac users getting in to Tableau Server?




          Found the answer. For us here, it turned out to be that the live server machine was in a different domain name, so it had to be added to the list of domains within the mac users settings.  Once it was added it worked fine.  Easy fix for us.

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            Nokia Support Mailbox

            Hi Benjamin,


            I am also facing the same issue to access tableau reports from Safari in Mac machine, while it works fine in Chrome.

            Could you please explain a bit more about the fix that worked for you in this case.

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              Benjamin Fox

              Yep Nokia, here are some added details: Our server had a different DNS suffix than what our company had been using since the company began. Not sure why they decided to change now. But due to the change, most of the Mac computers that were purchased for the company didn't have that DNS flashed into the computer when it was built for the company. So they have to be manually added.


              Long story short, we had to add the DNS suffix to the list. Here is a guide to adding them

              Configure Your Mac's DNS Settings - Use the Network Preference Pane to Change Your Mac's DNS Settings


              I don't know if this is truly your issue because our problem was no browser could connect to our server, chrome or otherwise. Hopefully this helps. If you have any other questions, I'll try to help.