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    How to change AGG function

    Nicholas Yu



      I have a column calculate the sales by segment (so it is Aggregated function), but the Grand Total Line also is a calculation (AGG), but i want it to calculate as normal SUM.


      Right now The Grand Total is 323,224.81 but I want to it show as 268,866

      Segment 1$29,845Segment 1$29,845
      Segment 2$7,808Segment 2$7,808
      Segment 3$46,162Segment 3$46,162
      Segment 4($3,118)Segment 4($3,118)
      Segment 5$18,536Segment 5$18,536
      Segment 6$1,655Segment 6$1,655
      Segment 7$575Segment 7$575
      Segment 8$6,730Segment 8$6,730
      Segment 9($5,256)Segment 9($5,256)
      Segment 10$54,266Segment 10$54,266
      Segment 11$65,996Segment 11$65,996
      Segment 12$10,949Segment 12$10,949
      Segment 13$34,717Segment 13$34,717
      Grand Total By SUM$268,866Grand Total By AGG323,224.81


      Thanks for the Help