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    Need Help with Axis Rulers in Tableau 8

    Jonathan Legare

      For single charts, we much prefer to use axis rulers instead of column and row dividers.


      Here is an example, created in Tableau 7. Specifically, notice the black axis rulers.



      To the best of my knowledge, this is not currently possible in Tableau 8. The axis rulers do not draw. Possibly I am doing something incorrectly, and I am hoping someone from the Tableau Community can help set me right.


      Here are the steps I am following in Tableau 8, with illustrations:

      1. Create a new workbook and create a very basic column chart by dragging "Category" and "Value" to columns and rows.
      2. Click Format > Borders... and set the Pane Row Divider to none, and also set the Pane Column Divider to none.
        AxisRulers2.png   AxisRulers3.png
      3. Click Format > Lines... and set the Axis Rulers to a black line.
        AxisRulers4.PNG   AxisRulers5.png

      But alas, the axis rulers do not draw. These same steps would draw axis lines in Tableau 7, but that no longer works in Tableau 8, at least not for me. Can anyone shed some light on this issue?