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    Calculated field

    Sikkandar Packiam

      Hi Friends,


      I am trying to calculate the percentage of customers navigating from one page to another. I have a calculated field say first_page_cnt which evaluates like,


      if dir='first page' then sum(count)


      Similarly, i have a calculated fields for each page.


      I have then created another calculated field to plot in graph and this field uses condition as shown below,


      if dir='first page' then 2000

      else if dir = 'second page' then second_page_cnt / first_page_cnt



      The problem is, the else condition is not working as I understand that, both the if condition is not satisfied for Second page & first page.


      My question is how can i use the value of first page count to divide it? In BOBJ, i was able to acheive this using WHERE function which is not available in tableau.


      Any help on this would be appreciated.