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    Tableau 8 Web Authoring Permissions

    Branden Kornell

      We're developing a plan for our Tableau 8 upgrade, and we're thinking over how to implement permissions for web authoring.


      Our organization is very open (internally) with our data, and we are leaning toward giving people broad permissions to Edit most documents, and to Save As in a specific "User Reports" folder. The ability to overwrite (Save) would be denied.


      I'd like to hear from other organizations that implemented web authoring, specifically

      • The approach(es) you used towards the permissions
      • The reaction from the user base


      If you haven't seen it, this Tableau Love blog post is quite helpful for understanding the permissions structure:




      I also find these pages in the online help useful:




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          Toby Erkson

          Unfortunately, where I work, we have to deal with strong security and less openness.  For example, I turned off Guest access to comply with our security policies.  People here are still trying to get used to this new fangled Tableau bizness where they don't need IT to build their reports so web authoring hasn't been explored as much as I would like.


          Sorry I can't give experience of openness to help but, hey, if any of your users complain you can tell 'em there are companies who have it worse!