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    Crosstab with data points that are found in more than one row

    Neil Andersen

      I've created multiple rules that help define a cohort of clinical patients for  certain medical condition.  A patient can meet more than one rule (for example: Rule 1: Patient is admitted with a diagnosis of Asthma, Rule #2: Patient was Discharged with a diagnosis of Asthma and Rule #3: Patient gets a chest x-ray and an inhaler during the patient stay at the hospital.  A patient found in the cohort could meet any number of these rules.  I would like to show a table where each record is a Rule and it has a tab of total distinct patients and total distinct discharges per rule.  I'm running in a problem where when a patient meets multiple rules, Tableau doesn't know what to do with it so it creates a new row and calls it (*).  Any patient that meets multiple rules are pulled out of the counts of the individual rules and placed in the * (multiples) bucket.  This allows Tableau to maintain an accurate grand total count of patient and discharges.  but in this case, I'm not worried about the total count,  I just want to worry about each rule separately, but be able to show all the rules at the same time so the physician can get a quick overview of how many patients would meet a certain rule.  This is long winded, if it doesn't make sense, let me know.  I would appreciate any ideas on how to show a total list of patients that meet each rule (without comparing it to the grand total or to other rules).