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    Can't connect to Oracle datasource

    Divyapriya M



      I'm using Tableau 7.0. I'm however not able to connect to the Oracle data source. I've attached the error message.


      My Oracle server is up and running and I'm even able to connect to the same data source via Tableau 7.0 versions in other systems.


      Quick help would be appreciated.




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          Toby Erkson

          Oracle...it always gives me grief to get it started.  Here's some notes of mine I use for our Tableau server (I'm NOT an Oracle person, I just connect to it to pull data).  Do #1 first to make sure you have the directory then check #2.

          Initial Setup

          1.  If Oracle Client (or similar) isn’t installed on the machine then manually create the directory C:\Oracle_Client\network\admin.

          2.  Copy the necessary lines from the end user's TNSNAMES.ORA file into a text editor (I highly recommend the GNU application “Notepad++”) and save the file as TNSNAMES.ORA in the admin folder (names and addresses have been changed to protect the innocent).


          # Production EDP1 Database
          EDP1.world =
            (DESCRIPTION =
              (ADDRESS_LIST =
                  (ADDRESS =
                    (COMMUNITY = tcp.world)
                    (PROTOCOL = TCP)
                    (Host = 99.999.9.99)
                    (Port = 1521)))
              (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = EDP1)))

          3.  Next, update the machine's PATH as described in the knowledge base article, Oracle-connection, section "Set the TNS_Admin environment variable", and also reboot the server.

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            Andrea Vincenzi

            Hi, I tried to connect to my Oracle database, but no luck.

            I tried both using tnsnames.ora and using the "advanced" tab (specifying hostname/service name/port number).


            I'm sure that the information I entered are correct, I use them every day to connect to the same db with Toad for Oracle and it works both ways (tnsnames and direct specification of hostname/service).

            the environment variable TNS_ADMIN is set correctly... I don't know what else to check.


            The error that I get is:


            ORA-12154:     TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified


            Unable to connect to the server. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

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              Robin Kennedy



              Have you installed the Tableau Oracle driver?


              Drivers | Tableau Software

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                Andrea Vincenzi

                Yes, I installed Tableau Oracle driver, first 6.0 and then 8.0 (for some reason it seems that version 7 was skipped).

                BTW, it's not clear to me if these driver versions match with Tableau versions.


                Anyway, I can connect to my Oracle db using several clients including Toad, sql developer and odbc, but when I try connecting via Tableau (using the same exact connection data) I'm getting an error...

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                  Hello - I'm experiencing the same issue.  I can connect to Oracle database directly through several tools (i.e. Toad, MS Access) but receive the same error when connecting directly through Tableau.  Can this be the version of the Oracle client that's been installed?

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                    Robin Kennedy

                    Yes you have to make sure you have installed the correct driver from Drivers | Tableau Software


                    The version numbers match the Tableau Desktop version you are using, so if you're using Tableau 8 then go ahead and select the driver from the link named 8.0


                    When enbtering the connection name in Tableau, you have to give the full string including service name and port number... I find it easier to click the Advance button next to the connection name box and enter the info in there and it builds the connection string for you so you get something like