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    Filtering on a map

    Susan Oner



      I'm having an issue getting the proper dropdown filter for a map.  The data is mapping 4 distribution companies (each with its various locations) & one restaurant company (with its multiple locations).  I'd like the users the be able to select one or multiple restaurant locations and still see all the distribution locations, preferably using the new dropdown list feature.  This isn't a problem except that for the sake of simplicity, I'd like to exclude the distribution locations from the dropdown, so the user only sees the restuarants in the list (but the distributors are still on the map).  I can't seem to figure out a way to achieve both - if anyone could help out, I'd really appreciate it!


      Attached is an example.


      Thank you,


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Susan,


          It sounds like what you want is to be able to make a custom list for your Location Name quick filter, but without filtering out all the members. This would be a feature request that I would recommend adding to the Ideas section!



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            Susan Oner



            Thanks for your response.  That is exactly what I'm trying to do: create a custom filter for a subset, leaving the rest of the set default-selected.  Somehow (and I'm not sure how this happened), I created a custom list but the points not included are lost when you de-select from "All".  Sounds like the list would have to be left in its entirety to work...