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    Case sensitive column names?

    Rusty Frioux

      After migrating a workbook from a development to production system (meaning we pointed the workbook from a development version of SQL Server to a  production ready version) of the same table, we began receiving an error: "the field CLAIMANT_PLAINTIFF_ATTORNEY does not appear in the database."  Well, it's there - the only difference seems to be that the case of the field has changed.  In fact, the lowercase field name claimant_plaintiff_attorney now appears in the data source.  (see the attached file). 



      This is one of a couple of these instances...  Clearly we'd like to avoid having to redo portions of these workbooks, or renaming columns across tables if not necessary.



      (Our DBA made some case changes when moving from one env to another - not ideal, but it hasn't been a problem thus far).



      Can we force the driver to be case insensitive?  Is there something else going on here?