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    Dynamic colours based on filters

    James Roberts

      I have a chart I am trying to create, and I need different data points to be different colours depending on what type they are. I tried adding the point type to the colour shelf which, while it does work, is not ideal.


      This is because there are 60 different point types and the default unity colour schemes only have 20 colours, which causes different points to be the same colour. I know I could add a custom colour pallet and assign each type a separate colour manually, but that wouldn't cover any new types that might get added and would also be unnecessary as due to a parameter there probably wont ever be more than 10 types visible at once.


      What I would like is for tableau to automatically colour the points, but change the colour of the points depending on what is currently visible, for example:


      Option 1 is selected:

      TypeA is blue

      TypeB is orange

      TypeC is green


      If the user chooses Option 2:

      TypeB is blue

      TypeC is orange

      TypeD is green



      Currently though A is always blue, B is always orange, C is green etc.


      I am sure I have read how to do this somewhere before but I can not remember nor find where that was.