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    Table that shows latest value, 1 months ago, 3 months ago


      I have time series data of various frequencies (monthly, daily, annual, etc) with dimensions



      and measures numeric fields like GDP and Employment. Depending on the country the time series will end at different dates. For USA it might be through "yesterday" but for other countries it might be 8 months ago.


      Looking for some help to setup a table that shows the following:

                                     Now     1 Month Ago     3 Months ago

      Employment %




      I found that I can create boolean flag for whether a datapoint is the last in a series or not for each country using LAST() = 0. What I cannot figure out is how to literally create the measures that will give me the above. In addition, I would ideally not have to create a new calculated for each measure to populate the table.


      What might be the most efficient / reusable way to do this? One option is for me to transform the time series before it enters tableau so everything is daily and with values carried forward to 'today'. This however means I have to deal with a lot more datapoints, most of which are not useful as they are just repeated ....


      example data attached