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    Difficulty Blending Axis on Burndown Chart

    Jason Knight

      Tableau noob here (hi Ben Bausili).  I'm using the following data to create a simple, burn down chart for our Scrum sprints:


      Snapshot DateTotal WorkWork CompletedWork Remaining


      The work is measured in hours and the Snapshot Date represents the state of the data on each day in the sprint (weekends in yellow).  Notice, the empty cells.  This is my workaround for not being able to get a good trend line to the end of sprint whilst being in the midst of one.


      Hurdle 1 - Blend the Total Work and Work Remaining Measures such that they overlay (example attached):

      Hurdle 2 - Represent ideal trend line i.e. mean average rate of work from start to finish (first Snapshot Date to last)

      Hurdle 3 - Represent current trend line i.e. just like ideal, but based on rate of Work Completed from start to finish


      Sad to say, I am stuck on Hurdle 1 (see attached screenshot).


      Have any of you the trained eyes to spot the problem in my viz?


      Additionally, have any of you the savvy to propose how I might vault Hurdle 2 and Hurdle 3?




      Attached the workbook and data, if anyone wants to to see.

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          Ben Bausili

          Hey, you brought me out of the woodwork


          It's always helpful to post your workbook, but basically for Hurdle 1 you're looking to do a dual axis (Dual Axes).  Right click on the lower axis (i.e. On Work Remaining) and select "Dual Axis".  Should get you want you want.  You may have to change which is on top or bottom, to do that click on either axis and select the appropriate option.


          Hurdle 2 and 3 are going to take some further tweaking.  I'll probably need to setup an example workbook to walk you through it.  You have my email, though, if you want to contact me.



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            Jason Knight



            Mad props for the quick response!  One of the main reasons for the forum post instead of PM is that I didn't see this subject discussed very much; the corollary motivation is that Microsoft's Excel burndown template would make my future grandchildren cry .


            I'll update the post to include my workbook and sample data.