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    Permission for comment

    Sk Safi

      Hi Team,


      Is it possible to give row level comment as well as  page wise In Tableau...?

      Ex : There has 5 Products.Now can we give comments for each product ?






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          Russell Christopher

          If you mean the "Comments" area underneath the viz inside Tableau Server, then "no". It is a general purpose collaboration area which isn't tied directly to the data being displayed in the dashboard itself.


          If I've misunderstood you, please let me know?

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            anup kumar

            Hi Sk Safi,


            I had a similar issue to capture comments to my data at row level/aggregated level of my data. Below is my suggestion in case if you are not allowed to use any third party source to save your organization data. I created a list in SharePoint where I created the fields in the list by which my captured commentary would be at a unique row / aggregate level. There were about 6 fields. I passed the values of each row/aggregated row in URL action with 6 URL parameters. I auto populated the fields in my new form in SharePoint using javascript using URL parameter values. User just had to provide comments and submit the form. We can also use InfoPath form as well to read and auto-populate the field values of the SharePoint fields the query string with a delimiter in SharePoint.


            Note: Query String Webpart might not work as it will send only one value to another webpart. Later once the comments are available you can now update your data source with a lookup and publish again. Hope this helps.



            Anup Kumar