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    create bins for string data

    Bonny McClain

      Is it possible to create bins for string data? For example, if I want to see how many customers [customer ID] have bought more than 1 product [order ID], how many CNT [orderID] and over what time frame?


      For example knowing that 45 people brought a desk and only a desk

      60 people bought a desk and a lamp (only a desk and a lamp)...and so on and so on


      This seems like the right approach but I am not using integer values per se. By the way I'm not crazy. The actual question I am interested in is actually order of therapies for a medical condition. So each patient ID (count distinct) with brand IDs (count) but being able to aggregate for different questions. How many patients are on their 3rd line of therapy? What did they use for their 2nd? 1st? etc....


      Binning Measures | Tableau Software

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