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    No Measure Value as default heading with one measure, why?

    .George Prevelige

      This is something that I've lived with since I began using Tableau with version 3, and I've never understand why it has to be this way. Now my developers are asking about the rationale behind it, and I'm at a loss.


      Can anyone explain why the default heading in the text table view is blank when there is one Measure? I know you can drag Measure Names onto the Columns shelf, and then change the alias of No Measure Value to what you need. But why must I go throught this?


      There must be a sound, obvious explanation that will leave me feeling stupid once I hear it. But I can't, for the life me, figure out why it wouldn't just default to the Measure Name.


      If I add a second Measure all correct headings appear, of course.


      6-3-2013 10-27-31 AM.jpg


      Bonus rant: It all gets back to my complete hatred of the text table view. Every one of my customers and developers wants and expects an Excel type experience with grid data. 90% of my churn and workaround time with Tableau is caused by having to deal with the limitations and seemingly arbitrary obstacles (sorting, formatting, etc.) engendered by this clumsy, hierarchical view.