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    Date and Multiple Data Blending Issue

    Sudhir Rathod

      Hello Tableau Lovers,


      I am working on a dashboard and stuck for days on this situation and seek out help of all Tableau Lovers.  I have three worksheets


      1. Main Worksheet which contains most of the data such as ID, Name, Proudct Category, Status, Savings, Date etc.

      2. A mapping file which is created to map a Category Manager to Segment Manager to a Product Category.

      3. Category Manager goals which roll up to their Segment Manager which is broken down by Date.


      I am trying to blend these three databases as follows


      1. Main Worksheet common connector between Mapping file is - Product Category

      2. Goals file has Date field which is common to Main File so connected there.  I also connected Segment Manager and Category Manager which the Mapping file as well to show their golas.


      This creates a complication and do not show my data correctly.  Any feedback or support would be highly appreciated.