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    Exclude totals from coloring in a crosstab

    Plamen Kouzov

      I am trying to remember how to exclude the row & column totals of a crosstab from being colored, together with the values in the body of the table. By default those get colored as well, and are obviously skewing the color scheme for the rest of the table by increasing the maximum end of the colored range. I thought there was a simple way to do that in Tableau 7, but in Tableau 8 I cannot find it.


      I am NOT looking for:

      - hardcoding the maximum value for the range to highlight

      - adding the totals to the column/row titles (http://community.tableau.com/thread/116039)

      - creating a dashboard instead that combined multiple sheets used for the body/row totals/column totals (http://community.tableau.com/message/164496)


      All these methods work, but have an obvious drawback of some sort - I just need a confirmation whether there is a simple option to exclude totals from coloring, whether this is an option no longer available with Tableau 8, or if this was never available.