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    "tabcmd get" inconsistent: results in [*** "404 Not Found"] for some workbooks

    Andy W Desplenter

      I have a few workbooks, 5 out of 30, that I cannot pull down using tabcmd.

      I have used tabcmd to pull the list of workbooks and also double checked from the servers webpages.

      I have the spelling correct. On the servers webpage if I navigate to one of the workbooks and add .twb or .twbx to the URL, then it downloads the .twbx just fine. But not when I try to issue a tabcmd get I get 404 Not found error:


      Does anyone have any suggestions of things to try?


      Command looks like:


      tabcmd.exe get "/workbooks/DebuggingTools.twbx --filename "c:\DebuggingTools.twbx" -u <username> -s <serverURL> --password-file "<passwordfilename>" --timeout 30



      ===== Continuing previous session

      =====     Server:   <serverURL>

      =====     Username: <username>

      ===== Requesting /workbooks/DebuggingTools.twbx from server...

        *** 404 "Not Found"


      and works fine on 25 out of 30 workbooks.


      P.S. Also note: I can pull down .PNGs of views within the workbook using the same name in the view path, just not the workbook itself.

      I can even pull down the .html with this command and that works, but not the .XML, .TWB, or .TWBX


      tabcmd.exe get "/workbooks/DebuggingTools --filename "c:\DebuggingTools.html" -u <username> -s <serverURL> --password-file "<passwordfilename>" --timeout 30

      Andy W. Desplenter


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